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Buy Lead: Pan Stick Foundation -- MAKE-UP STATION BRAND (See details)

i am trying to purchase your panstick makeup SF5 .i bought this on holiday in dubai and love it.can you please help me >> More queries...

Posted By: Liz Topham on December 27, 2017 29:10 From 86.17.122.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Mineral Makeup

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Inquering Related Product: Pan Stick Foundation -- MAKE-UP STATION BRAND - SG 01 - SG 10

Quick Brief

Type: FoundationUse: FaceForm: Liquid
Ingredient: MineralFeature: Waterproof, SunscreenPlace of Origin: New York United States
Brand Name: MAKE-UP STATIONModel Number: SG 01 - SG 10Material: Imported

Product Features:

Pan Stick Foundation

With super-fine powder, it is soft, smooth refreshing and enjoy good air permeability can smooth your skin

Product Cateogry: Mineral Makeup

Business Term:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Box/Boxes

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,PAYPAL

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Pan Stick Foundation -- MAKE-UP STATION BRAND

Packaging Information


Specifications and Product Details:

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Reshape contours, fill facial wrinkles. Brings face glowing with health and the out of the ordinary skin color, and can effectively isolate the ultraviolet ray and the deleterious substance of the air to the skin.

Usage :According to the face, the nose, the forehead, the lower jaw order spread evenly


MAKE-UP STATION, founder of Davis, Hollywood's most talented professional make up artist! Created MAKE-UP
STATION flagship brand of fake eyelashes, powder, lip gloss, mascara ointment rod epoch-makingproduct, is
the father of modern makeup industry.

Davis accumulated many years of studio experience and training to the mix of color and environmental pollution has a professional beauty, and is the best make-up crowd, and professional experience in creative consultant
providers. MAKE-UP STATION series is Davis devaluation of make-up brand innovation, brand design purposes
hoped to professional make-up make-up the most perfect combination of workers, providing them with the
most friendly, most convenient, and bring the joys of make-up Product!!

Whether you are a professional make-up artists, actors, or ordinary people, MAKE-UP STATION professional
products can make you from the street to the house, maintaining a professional image without having to worry
about the strong lights, sweating, facial makeup paste out such an embarrassing situation! Can be said for the
entertainment or professional makeup design the best brands division.

Brand has never violate words, "make-up, also disguised," the facts, but also put into the make-up photography needs, on its head. Good-looking finish "instant style" perfect skin, fast easy to use, decent durability,recently began to strengthen maintenance of effect, is the star model on the mirror, red carpet and when Froebel, but also by "10 minutes painting 10 face" fashion show make-up division welcomed. Eye shadow and lipstick, one looked to be very simple or else a strong rebellious, is actually very useful. Are often popular with the fashion quarter, and the supporting design limited equipment, and rich in flavor of the times. They favorites are still the 60s and 70s with the style of the mod-look, especially for Beauty "Gayle" soft spot.


1,Shopping malls
Selection criteria:
In the forefront of the local city's comprehensive strength ranks the well-known shopping malls.
The world-renowned cosmetic brand store counters at least three.
A class can provide cosmetic area location, and can fully demonstrate the brand image of the
MAKE-UP STATION required by the display area (less than 18 Square Meters).
In certain high-end consumer groups and the purchasing power of the flow of people.
Settlement funds have a good reputation.
Have better prospects for the development.
Cooperation Policy:
Joint venture forms, joint management of shopping malls counters.
Financial settlement with the cycle, according to the signing of the contract execution..

2,Agent Distribution

Agent condition:
There are international brands operating philosophy and thinking. A successful operation experience of international cosmetics brands.
Branded approach required by the terminal capabilities and service capabilities, and MAKE-UP STATION co-operation of large shopping malls counter Headquarters.
Make-up brand with

perations team of professionals can provide the market with the Joint Staff Headquarters, sent office premises.
In a certain region, there are certain high-end makeup boutiques in the distribution of network resources
In the high-end makeup boutiques counter selection criteria: There are well-known cosmetic brand counters (standard cabinet) not less than 3 and the image of the good.
Have good business ethics and brand strategy for long-term development vision, have a good faith cooperation, professional ethics.

Cooperation Policy:
Cash spot, Kuandaofahuo.
Discounts and rebates according to enforcement of contracts signed.
Try makeup, gifts, promotional marketing materials entering the terminal in accordance with the amount of the proportion of grades and purchase delivery.
Counter costs are based on the value and the completion of tasks graded write-off.
Marketing personnel and make-up support, purchase, and last month, according to the first task of standard.

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