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I have a query about shipping? Do you ship in India? I am intrested in buying silfina face lift.

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Posted By: Tabbu on November 26, 2014 49:53 From 174.26.5.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Face Cream & Lotion

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Inquering Related Product: Silfina Face Lift

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Form: Cream, LotionUse: FaceSupply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)
Place of Origin: Punjab India  

Product Features:

Silfina face-lift checks the roughness of the face and it enhances the glow & smoothness of face. It checks the wrinkles of the

Product Cateogry: Face Cream & Lotion

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces

Payment Terms: paypal

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Silfina Face Lift

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Original Product Page

Silfina Face Lift - Herbal Fortified Face Pack

Anti aging, Anti wrinkle, Anti pigmentation


Silfina face-lift checks the roughness of the face and it enhances the glow & smoothness of face. It checks the wrinkles of the face, as well as it enhances the lustrous of skin.

A Lustrous and soft skin is like a reward for a beautiful face. For having a healthy skin, one should be healthy from inside and glowing skin is an indication of internal health. As we all know our skin is very delicate and in order to keep its beauty & lustrous one has to take care for it.

In our teens & youth the skin look (at its) best due to its elasticity. Environmental factors such as over exposure to Sun, smog, cigarette smoke can all have an adverse effect on our skin. Weaking of collagen and elastin fibers causes reduced firmness of the skin.

Being an eliminatory organ, skin eliminates toxin from our body, but if the other eliminatory organs (kidney, liver & blows are not working as well as they should. There may be appearance of pigmentation (as a single spot or in clust) on the skin.

Innumerable internal & external factors may lead to some of the common skin problems. Acne and non-cancerous growth such as, moles & warts are some of the most common skin problem.

Vitamin A or Retinal and Alphahydroxy acids are the best anti-aging agents. Vitamin C is found to have anti-oxidant and thus has a protective effect on the skin. Vitamin E is also an anti-oxidant and works by quenching oxygen radicals.

Our skin required proper cleansing to keep it properly toned and clean. Now a days, in the market, there are a multitude of drugs, chemicals and other procedures promising or assuring to have a teen face (young face) in your 70-80' s.Our formulation is made of natural herbs and without any chemicals and preservatives.

The Whole formulation may be helpful to improve the colour complexion. It helpful to remove the dead layers of the skin (pigmentation) resulting in to having a beautiful and glowing skin (by opening the pores of skin). One who has the feeling of black complexion of face after sweating; in that case its application gives Wonderful results. Its application also acts as deodorant and gives a calming effect.

Silfina face-lift checks the roughness of the face and it enhances the glow & smoothness of face. It checks the wrinkles of the face, as well as it enhances the lustrous of skin.

After some applications, really you will love your face to love it. Balanced diet, hydration and protecting from Sun exposure and wind should be a part of you daily regimen.

Method of Application

Mix one tablespoon (approximately 10 gms) of Silfina face-lift powder with 1 teaspoon of milk, yogurt, rose water or water. The mixture should not be too watery. Apply to the face and neck (avoiding the eyes) let it dry for 3 seconds to one minute, then reapply and slowly massage into the skin.

Keep it wet with water for 15 to 20 minutes. Then remove by gently pealing off or wash thoroughly with water an apply glories oil or any moisturizer as needed. This product can be used on the entire body. Use 2 to 4 times a week for progressive results.


High Quality extracts and Micronised powder of wild crafted herbs from their natural habitat without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or preservatives. Wild Crafted Herbs are more potent and effective than Cultivated Herbs.

1. Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia) Roots,

2. Vacha (Accorus calamus) roots,

3. Haldi (curcuma long) Rhizome,

4. Chandan (Santalum alum) wood,

5. Vatta (Ficus benglensis) roots,

6. Mendika (law Sonia alba) seed,

7. Gulab (Rosa damasena) lower,

8. Narangi (orange) (citrus auralm ) fruit rind,

9. Massurdal (Nansesculenta) seed,

10. Lime (citrus bergamia) nimbu, rind leaf.

1. Rubia Cordifolia Linn (Manjishta)- It is sweet & bitter in taste; heavy & non-unchous in characteristics and hot in potency. This herb is useful to improve the colour & complexion of the skin. It is a famous blood purifier also. Its root is used here. It alleviates pitta (fire) & kapha (water).

2. Accorus calamus (Vacha)- It is pungent & bitter in task; light & sharp in characteristics; hot in potency and alleviates kapha (water) & Vatta (air). These herbs act as a painkiller as well as reduce edema also. As it acts sharply & swedjanan (helps to open the sweating pore and expel out toxins from the body).It opens the pores of the skin and re-establish the skin elasticity.

3. Lime (Citrus bergamia) (Nimbu)- It is sweet, heavy & hot. It helps to alleviate vatta (air). It is used to cleanse and freshen the skin & hair. It softs the rough skin. It also prevents and ruff & can be used as a deodorant.

4. Curcuma Longa (Haldi): It is bitter & pungent in taste, non-unctuous & light in characteristics, hot in potency & helps to alleviate kapha (water) & vatta (air). Its external application helps to check skin eruptions, bruises, sprains, black eyes improves the colour complexion of skin.

5. Santalum album (Chandan) Sandal wood:- It is sweet & bitter in taste, light & non-unctuous in characters tics, cold (Sita) in potency & helps to alleviate kapha (water) & pitta (fire). Chandan is considered as an aromatic substance, which is utilized for external application, is best for removing the foetid smell, burning sensation.

6. Ficus benglensis (vatta) roots:- It is astringent in taste, heavy & non-unctuous in characters tics, cold in potency & alleviate & kapha (water) & pitta (fire). The external application of its paste helps to check the looseness of the skin as well as the other skin disorders.

7. Lou Sonia inermis (Mendika):- It is bitter & astringent in taste, light & non unctuous in characters tics, cold in potency & helps to alleviate kapha (water) & pitta (fire). External application of the paste improves the color complexion of skin; skin leprosy disorders as well as the application of the paste gives the calming effect to the burning sensation affected area.

8. Rosa Damascon (Gulab):- It is bitter, astringent & sweet in taste, light & unctuous in characters tics, Sita (cold) in potency & helps to alleviate three humors (vatta), (air), pitta (Fire) & kapha water). It improves the colour complexion of the skin applied as a paste. It acts as a deodorant also.

9. Lens esculenta (mansura) seed: It is light, no unctuous in characters tics. It helps to alleviate kapha (water) & pitta (fire) & also good for skin problems.

10. Citrus aurantium (Narangi) fruit rind- It is sweet & little sour, helps to alleviate vatta. Its rind acts as a cleanser.

Other Helping Products

1. Blood Cleaner (to purify the blood ),

2. Silfina MTL Detox (to clear out the toxins from body),

3. Mahamanjishta di Kwath (Helpful to purify the blood),

4. Bitter Melon (Karela), to pacify the burning sensation (High PITTA)

Laxa comfort, Triphala (one who is having constipation should use one of those Supplements).

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