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selamat siang..tathion tab korea masih ada nggakk??
kalau sy di malaysia bisa kirim ngakk?? >> More queries...

Posted By: farhana on March 08, 2017 57:54 From 1.9.97.***Inquiry Related Cateogry: Skin Whitening

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Inquering Related Product: Tathion Tab Korea

Quick Brief

Type: OtherSupply Type: OBM (Original Brand Manufacturing)Brand Name: Tathion
Feature: Anti-Wrinkle, Lightening, WhiteningIngredient: ChemicalAge Group: Adults
Use: Skin LighteningPlace of Origin: South Korea 

Product Features:

Tathion Tab Korea 50mg x 500 caplets/bottle

Product Cateogry: Skin Whitening

Business Term:

Port: Indonesia

Minimum Order Quantity: No min quantity; min order value is IDR 2.000.000/Purchase

Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,No credit card but please inform us if you have other payment preference

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Tathion Tab Korea

Packaging Information

Packaging Detail:350 grams/bottle
Delivery Detail:Shipped out 24 hours after payment. Shipping time 4 - 7 days

Specifications and Product Details:

Original Product Page

Tathion Tab consists of active Tathion. Tathion is Glutathione made at South Korea which is the pharmaceutical grade of active L-tathion. This Tathion is not the same as the supplement grade of tathion which is of inferior quality. High grade tathion is associated with many positive effects on the body systems.

Tathion Tab's Benefits :

  • Fairer, Smooth, Radiant, Reduce dark spots & melasme
  • Slow down the skin aging, makes skin look younger
  • Reducing the formation of melanin, cause skin more fair
  • Reduces excess pigmentation such as scar marks, freckles
  • Get rid of pimples & acne,
  • Reduces pores on the face,
  • Superior antioxidant & Most important healing agent
  • Reactivates vitamin C & E

Tathion Tab participates in biochemical oxidation-reduction processes: It improve biochemical energy level by promoting TCA cycle rotation and development action of the oxidation-reduction system. Tathion Tab also Activation process of enzymes: Acts as an ‘ Enzyme cleaner’ , and also acts as a coenzyme of the other enzyme systems.

Tathion Tab's Clinical Application:

  • As it is a powerful stimulant of liver action or protection, it can be used in hepatic dysfunction, recovery from fatigue and alcoholism.
  • In diabetics, glycometabolism can take place, the use of glutathione reduces blood glucose and normalizes glucose tolerance.
  • Its anti-allergy action and liver detoxification effects makes it possible to apply for the treatment of cutaneous disorders ( chronic eczema, urticaria etc.)
  • As it acts to restrain outgrowth of melanin and continues to reduce vitamin C can be used in the treatment of pigment siderosis of the female face.
  • As it promotes the iron absorption and hematopoiesis, can apply iron deficiency anemia and each of anemia.

Tathion Tab Indication:
Action: Acute / chronic hepatitis
Dyscrasia: Drug addiction and alcoholism

Tathion Tab Recommended dosage:
2 tabs, three times daily after food

Original Pack of Tathion Tab:
50mg / 500tabs / bottle

Composition of Tathion Tab:
reduced glutathione 50mg
molecule formular : C10H17N2O6S
molecule weight : 307.33
non-propietary name : L-glu, reduced
chemical terms : ³ -L-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl-glycine

Form of Tathion Tab:
White-sugar coating tablet containing Glutathione, reduced. Dissolves well in water, forming white or light gray of crystal powder and has an acid taste.

Tathion Tab Side effects:

  • Hyperergia : Rarely exanthema or hypersensitivity.
  • Alimentary system: Rarely anorexia, retching, vomiting, gastrodynia or dyspepsia.

Tathion Tab Storage:
Air-tight container

Tathion Tab Origin and Manfacture:

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