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(JY1065) Switzerland Breast up cream

Product Description, Switzerland Breast up cream Essence, 1) Skin friendly breast up cream, 2)the chest veins arteries dredgens - more info check here: http://www.sourcingbeauty.com/JY1065-Switzerland-Breast-up-cream-10015034/

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Gender: Female Feature: Breast Enhancers Use: Breast Form: Cream Ingredient: Herbal Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)

Product Features:

Product Description

Switzerland Breast up cream Essence

1) Skin friendly breast up cream

2)the chest veins arteries dredgens

Business Terms:

Port: Guangzhou

Minimum Order Quantity: 3000 Box/Boxes according to your special demand

Supply Ability: 10000000 Box/Boxes per Month

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

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(JY1065)  Switzerland Breast up cream
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: We will accord to your specific demand to design the packings and label your brand.

Delivery Detail: Shipment with 15 days after receiving the deposit

Specifications and Product Details:

Detail product description


1.the tight breast bubble:the special air bubble vibrates a composition,can live blood to turn yu and through live wein,can dredgn to stop up milk vein,make hormone secrete smoothly,make nipple keep rosy,make chest cell the organization restore tightly and actually and intensify to underpin force and make postnatal period contraction,down hang,slack outside expand a phenomenon to receive an improvement,make breast tightly solid,strong and elastic,magic power pemanence.

2.undulate an evil bubble to stand:the special oxygen air bubble vibrates a composition and quickly adds a chest oxygen composition and activates chest cell,let your chest get in touch with namely true felling of having the quick infiltration the skin deep,let the plant having in wild ge radix grow breast the composition quickly is close with chest cell to blend,stimulate chest cell to again develop a growth.Return plentiful ying of your chest tightly actually and infinite sexy.

3.growth breast ethereal oil:can quickly activate growth of the reborn capability of cell,the accelerate collagen fiber chong ying between the organizations and mammary glands, additional strengh blood circulation,enhance a breast gland bubble,strengthen the absorbing power of gland tube,the elasticity of increase chest skin ,can make breast plump to firm.

operation method:

1.use after sweeping the skin.

2.the one who have conditin can be each sooner or later to use once.shaking before using is even ,take just the right amount this article the daubery is at the chest dozen ring massage,until completely absorption then.

3.using an evil bubble of tight chest before sleeping is the best.

product composition:

rose, the geranium,fennel and ylang-ylang,rosemary and huo huo bar,sweet almond and grape seed. after useding for sweeping a skin,use effect before sleeping the best .the one who have condition can be each sooner or later to use once.


1.if carelessly the mistake goes into eyes and asks on the spot to print with a great deal of clear water,the damaged or unwell skin carefully uses,if use behind appear a red and swollen and allergic phenomenon,please on the spot stop using.

2.this article anti is edible to use to please to keep off a chils.the flammability article absolutely not closes to flame or heat substance while using,can only circulate and have no the place use of fire source at the air.

3.vs the cosmetics one who have allergy,pregnant woman forbidden,slicing to record can not paint the milk is dizzy and nipple part.

4.cool place hoarding, can not stab chuo or combustion bottle body after the exhaust.

5.the whole products explain to all take product manual as preparation.

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