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New RF Skin Tightening Equipment - YiTai-A-5

Leading Technology, Easy Operation, 3 Cooling Systems, unique temperature automatic control system - more info check here: http://www.sourcingbeauty.com/New-RF-Skin-Tightening-Equipment-10058361/

Quick Brief

Type: RF Feature: Face Lift, Skin Rejuvenation, Weight L... IPL+ RF: No Style: Stationary Certification: CE Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland) Brand Name: Itairen Model Number: YiTai-A-5

Product Features:

Leading Technology

Easy Operation

3 Cooling Systems

unique temperature automatic control system

Business Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit/Units

Supply Ability: 100 Unit/Units per Month

Payment Terms: T/T

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New RF Skin Tightening Equipment
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: International Standard

Delivery Detail: 7 working days

Specifications and Product Details:

Treatment Principle

The radio-frequency (RF) wave, utilize unique 10MHz, which can permeate the epidermis to take effect on the dermis. The treatment of bipolar handle can launch the adjustable radio frequency waves with X, Y, Z axis columnar distribution of high-energy acting on the skin and dermal tissue, which makes the temperature of dermal tissue rise instantly, and the activity of enzyme increases along, so that the triglyceride can be fully released from fat cells. Triglyceride cracks into fatty acids and glycerol under the influence of lipase, and then they will be excreted in vitro with the human metabolism. At the same time, high heat caused by the high energy radio frequency waves can immediately contract the fiber and collagen tissues for the new collagen production and recombination, hence to make the desirable effects of skin-tightening, wrinkle-removal and figure-shaping, etc.

Infrared light: the 10MHz treatment of bipolar handle emission 650-2500nm infrared light, which can penetrate the skin, and has the effect of the expanding of blood vessels, stimulating of blood circulation, accelerating lymph circulation, and increasing some tissue oxygen saturation; the infrared light spectrum also can accelerate the metabolism of subcutaneous adipose tissue to play a role for ablation of subcutaneous fat, and has a good assistant role in body shaping and achieving mitigation of fatigue fast.

Technology Advantages

The leading technology of domestic— Max power 10MHz, perfect effect.

It operated very safety, as easy as A, B, C, because of its intelligent control system, touch screen and visible interface.

Three Cooling— Air cooling, built-in water cooing and semiconductor cooling.

The leading technology of international, bipolar handle, operate easier.

The infrared light and bipolar radio frequency perfect combination

The unique temperature automatic control system for handle.


Skin tightening

Improving skin-elasticity and skin-shine

Deep and light wrinkles eliminating

Restoring pregnancy line

Skin-metabolism improving

Relief muscle fatigue, pain and tense state

Pore contracted

Breast, hip and face lift

Body recovery after childbirth and liposuction

Reduce fat and cellulite

Ease of skin edema, improve dark circles of eyes, and reduce the pouch

Help lymph and abdominal detoxification







AC 110/220 V


50/60 Hz

Output Frequency


Output Power


Infrared Power


Spectrum Range

650-2500 nm

Output Way


Cooling System

Air Cooling+ Built-in Water Cooling+ Semiconductor Cooling



Net Weight


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