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Sapphire ipl beauty machine with competetive price - HT850

1. cool and beautiful, 2. like Transformers, 3. 7 pieces filter, 4. 8 .4 inch colour screen, 5. ipl & rf - more info check here: http://www.sourcingbeauty.com/Sapphire-ipl-beauty-machine-with-competetive-price-30062256/

Quick Brief

Type: IPL IPL+ RF: Yes Certification: CE Place of Origin: Beijing China (Mainland) Brand Name: Hotlaser Model Number: HT850 wavelengh: 430/530/560/640/690nm Energy density: 0-50 j/cm2 RF Frequency: 0.1-10 Mhz Width of pulse: 1-25ms Interval of pulse: 5-100ms Cooling system: semiconductor+air-cooled + cols... Operative screen: 8.4 inch TFT True Color LCD t... Probe Tempreture: -4-0 dimension: 60cmx55cmx140cm Net Weight: 42kg

Product Features:

1. cool and beautiful

2. like Transformers

3. 7 pieces filter

4. 8 .4 inch colour screen

5. ipl & rf

Business Terms:

Port: Beijing

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets

Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month

Payment Terms: T/T

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Sapphire ipl beauty machine with competetive price
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Product Packagings & Delivery Terms:

Packaging Detail: in aluminum or case or carton

Delivery Detail: 4-6 days after payment

Specifications and Product Details:

Sapphire ipl beauty machine with competetive price

1. hair removal.
2. remove all kinds of spots, Including Freckle, Butterfly spot. Chloasma, Cyasma etc.
3. Great effect on Red Capillary and Acne removal.
4. Remarkable effect on skin rejuvenation.
5. make the breast more lifting


7.beauty skin equipment

Work theory
E-light beauty machine= IPL + Bipolar Radio Frequency + Intelligent Cooling System, when use together, you will see the amazing treatment result.
1.Hair removal: e-light will destroy the hair-follicle, and then achieve permanent hair removal effect. Whether black or golden hair and light-colored hair can be removed.
2.Spot removal: e-light can reach the epidermis and dermis, borken down abnormal pigment cells. So that they will slowly eliminated from the body.
3.Red capillary and acne: e-light will closed abnormal blood vessels, clean the skin , kills the acne bacillus, make the skin more glossy, white.
4.Skin rejuvenation: e-light stimulate collagen proliferation, make skin tighting and lifting, remove wrinkle and more white.
5.Breast lifting: e-light wavelength can promote the breast regeneration. Make breast biger and biger

E-light beauty machine= IPL + Bipolar Radio Frequency + Intelligent Cooling System
1. About hair removal, the e-light machine may arrive at hypodermic 15 mm, different colour and different depths hair can be removed.
2. Intelligent cooling system effect will be perfect, customer feel more comfortable and will not burn when do the treatment.
3. Joined the radio frequency in the IPL foundation, whiting and wrinkle removal effect to be more perfect.
4. cooling gel also have protective effect with skin, can great reduce pain in the process of treatment
5. vertical e-light equipment have 4 wheels, convenient for move, very suitable for the beauty salon and medical clinic.

1. No pain, no anesthesia,no side effect.
2. Join Radio Frequency, the function are more than traditional IPL, the effect is better.
3. Color LCD touch screen with english menu, anywhere in the world can be easily grasped.
4. Humanized menu, both the beauty salon or the family, is very ueser-friendly.
5. Semiconductor refrigeration,colse water circulation , air cooled with one machine, more safety and comfortable.


Energy density0-50 j/cm2
RF Frequency0.1-10 Mhz
Width of pulse1-25ms
Interval of pulse5-100ms
Cooling systemsemiconductor+air-cooled + colse water circulation +cooling gel
Operative screen8.4 inch TFT True Color LCD touch screen
Probe Tempreture-4-0
Net Weight42 kg
Voltage220V110V/15A 50Hz(60Hz)
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